What is very interesting about the Original Penguin eyeglasses collection is that each individual frame is uniquely named, not with a product number as many other brands do, but with an actual identifiable, personal name. Examples include “The Vargas”, “The Gondorff” and “The Luck”. It gives a nice indication of just how much care and attention to detail are put into their frames. It makes it clear that they really care about each product they produce which is also reflected in the design itself.

Original Penguin may not be seen as a designer brand, but their eyeglasses collection certainly gives off a very fashionable and trendy feel that screams luxury and class. It just goes to show that it is best not to judge a brand based on its other lines and in this case it is very clear to see that if you allow the eyeglasses collection to speak for itself you will find some truly spectacular items that you may have otherwise missed out on.

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