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    5 star review  Kay is the best there is! She knows what she’s talking about and will make you look fabulous for a fraction of the original price! I’m obsessed and I would highly recommend checking out K’s Optical! 😎😍

    thumb Miranda Hill

    5 star review  Kay's optical! Fabulous,personalized service. Wonderful selection brand name designer collections! If you want someone you can trust to make you look good see Kay...Five star all the way!!!

    thumb Thomas Hill

    5 star review  K's has the best quality at the best prices!

    thumb Joshua Petersen

    5 star review  Hi K’s optical was a wonderful experiences she definitely hooked me up !! She was very helpful . Her prices are very affordable . She seems to see what’s best for you in very aspect .. She even helped me find a great Eye doctor !!! K is excellent !! I definitely recommend her to anyone...

    thumb Jax Warne

    5 star review  K is a very accommodating and generous optometrist and sales woman. I had a great experience overall, and she sold me some sweet shades. K was able to offer me a customization at a discounted price that LensCrafters, Warby Parker, and Costco Eye wear could not! 10/10 would recommend.

    thumb Scoobi Snax

    5 star review  I love the WileyX gasses Kay sold me and she's taken great care of the frames I already owned. Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jonathan Dean

    5 star review  I have worn glasses my entire life and never have I had an experience like I did at K's Optical. Kay has a great selection of glasses and took the time to find the perfect frame for me. She made sure the frame would work with my prescription and lifestyle. I am so excited to get my new glasses. So glad I found K's Optical. I won't shop anywhere else!

    thumb Kim Thompson

    5 star review  This was my first experience at K’s Optical. Let me start off by saying I will definitely be back. Kay provides exceptional service and helped me find the prefect glasses for me. By the way, she also helped me save a ton of money on my Silhouettes. Thank you Kay!

    thumb Shawn Rickard

    5 star review  Where to start.... I went in with the mindset it’d take the better part of the day to figure out the right glasses for me. Kay (the owner) sized me up from the moment I walked in and truly showed the depth of her expertise. She had me try on a few different options and I was blown away at the fact the 2 pairs I ended up buying were the FIRST TWO she had me try on! What I thought would take hours upon hours took less than 1! Kay is not only an unbelievably friendly and a sincere person, but she’s been in the business for something like 30 years taking on the family trade, AND IT SHOWS. I was not expecting that level of expertise at all! Shopping for glasses has been a challenge for me all my life because of my wide face and big head so I was honestly expecting it to take much more time than it did. The level of service I got from Kay truly deserves more than just 5 stars, if I could leave more, I would! Kay has well deservingly earned my loyal business for any and all future purchases for glasses. Thank you Kay!

    thumb Tom Hodges

    5 star review  If you want personalized service for your eye glasses, look no further. Kay is awesome. I personally don't wear glasses (not yet, LOL) but my wife and kids do. From help on picking frames, to ordering the appropriate lenses, to dealing with insurance, she does it all. Go check out this little gem in Edmonds.

    thumb R Nabaie

    5 star review  Absolutely fantastic service! When you go to pick out new glasses while your eyes are dilated, you HAVE to be able to trust the optician helping you. Without a doubt, you can trust Kay and Nicki! I LOVE my new glasses! I'll never go anywhere else!

    thumb Kim Peck

    5 star review  K is the best. I bought frames from here a couple years ago, and she's helped me no questions asked with any problems I had, even after our new puppy ruined my frames. If you need eyeglasses, come to K's. In Seattle? Make the drive up to K. In Everett? Drive south to K. In Spokane? Maybe a little excessive, but honestly, if you did, it would be worth it, because you would have gotten to meet and work with K.

    thumb Greg Buzitis

    5 star review  I love the WileyX gasses Kay sold me and she's taken great care of the frames I already owned. Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jonathan Dean

    5 star review  Kay is extremely friendly and knows her inventory very well! She has the best selection if you want to get glasses that are unique. She is knowledgeable and will help you find the perfect frames for your face.

    thumb Christina Son

    5 star review  Knowledgeable, Friendly and Walks you through the process with ease. She's passionate about her business and that's always a plus. Great experience, highly recommended.

    thumb Enzo Nerio

    5 star review  Love love it here!!! I work here and I’m not just saying this because I’m family.. she really is a joy and we have a blast here!!!

    thumb Kaelin Scheuerman

    5 star review  Just got my second pair of Silhouettes from Kay. WOW! These new lenses are incredible The progression is smoother and clearer than ever and they have the latest blue blocking technology from Kay's lab. As always, the fit and comfort are impeccable. Thank you Kay! You're awesome!

    thumb A P Courrèges

    5 star review  K's optical! Fabulous,personalized service. Wonderful selection brand name designer collections! If you want someone you can trust to make you look good see Kay...Five star all the way!!!

    thumb Thomas Hill

    5 star review  Very good service. She knows what she is doing.

    thumb Yung Macker

    5 star review  Large selection of fashion eyewear. My wife found a sport frame she had made into scripted polorized sunglasses. Kay helped with finding the right frame size within the product line and explained that the lenses could be two different colors. Wait...what? Yep. My wife picked mirrored blue on front and, for sharper vision in all light conditions, went with amber on the inside. The sunglasses are perfect for Seattle driving/recreation ....bright eye protection on cloudy days AND great sun protection when boating July 5th, the first rainless day of summer in Seattle! Thank you, Kay and Staff

    thumb Jeff Broxson

    5 star review  K is so nice and the customer service is excellent! Her shop is beautiful and there is a wide selection of unique frames. Highly recommend!

    thumb Rachael Risbell

    5 star review  Kay offers great service, great prices and great selection on high-quality glasses!

    thumb Nourish and Revive Holistic Health and Nutrition

    5 star review  I’ve been wearing glasses for about 68 years all told… since the 5th grade. That’s quite a few pair. And I can say without a doubt K’s Optical has given me the best service, the best quality of frames and lenses of anyone else in all of those years. Kay is always helpful in helping me pick out the frames that best fit me and my needs. If you are just getting your first pair of glasses or you are like me, been wearing glasses for decades… I highly recommend you visit Kay at K’s Optical… you can’t go wrong!

    thumb wally lane

    5 star review  Great selection & Kay is wonderful at framing your face. You Rock Kay thanks!

    thumb Kerry Dolan

    5 star review  I'm a retired Optician, I actually trained under her father . And Kay does things the old way. If it isn't right it's not dispensed. She is licensed by the state. Having a license you know she knows what she's doing having taken state boards and passing them with continuing education required to keep her license up every year. Back when Kay's father and I worked together the office was not like Kay's. Her stop is loaded with beautiful high style frames and the shop itself is beautiful, go see her and you will walk out a new person with meeting her.

    thumb Bob Bowen
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  1. I was in desperate need of a new pair of glasses. I visited K’s Optical and was pleasantly surprised by her selection of petite frames. Kay helped me find just the right pair. For the first time in decades, I prefer to wear my glasses instead of my contacts. Thanks Kay!

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