Jaguar is one of the world’s top luxury sports car manufacturers. The first Jaguar car was introduced in 1935. Since then Jaguar is tantamount to premium status, sophistication, style and performance. Jaguar founders William Lyons and William Walmsley started their business in 1922 and at that time the company name was Swallow Sidecar Company. In 1935 that name was changed to the one that is now known worldwide – Jaguar. Prior to the war, Jaguar had a success with its SS-100 – two-seater sports car. A new series of sedan enhanced Jaguar’s popularity. E-type sports coupe was brought into life in 1961. Till now iconic E-type Jaguar has been believed to be the most gorgeous automobile in the world. The role of Jaguar in the motor industry, British and world economy was given proper respect. Similar fame was reached by Jaguar men’s eyewear collection. Executed without any flaw Jaguar eyeglasses continue corporate traditions. A sporty manful design makes Jaguar glasses a desirable accessory for every man’s look. Ferdinand Menrad GMBH designs and produces Jaguar eyewear.

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